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Make war, not comic books!  MWAH HA HA!!! What?  I look like Sauron?  Yeah I did borrow this armor from him and he's not getting it back! Yeah yeah, even in the Ultimate Universe I'm lame. DO I LOOK LIKE A COP!? DO I LOOK LIKE A STRAIGHT WOMAN? Ultimate Black Canary.. just because. Don't confuse me with Captain Wonder.  My name is Steve Rogers, not Trevor.  But nobody tell Wonder Woman! I'm Galatea, yet another Evil Supergirl.  Listen for our new hit single on a top 40 station in your city! I HAD to ditch the skirt.  Sorry boys. Freakin' Mafia steals half my outfit, yer darn right I'm killing somebody! I forgot which Armor I'm wearing!  Can anybody tell me... is this the MK20 or... I AM ULTIMATE IRON MAN. all my animated glory. Real Estate is the new Kryptonite, mwa ha ha! I'm not Ra's al Ghul! Revenant, a.k.a. my avatar in Freedom Force land My secret?  I use Panteen shampoo. Don't mess with me or... no more Freedom Force. This looks like a job for... Superemo! I'm kind of a big deal. Poor Vanessa Kapetelis... makes you wonder why anybody would want to be a Wonder Woman supporting cast member. I'm, like, totally more powerful than Superman! I'm just like Supergirl, but I like smoking cigars and not tipping at restaurants.  And I don't wash my hands after going to the bathroom 'cause I'm EEEVIL. Grrrrr Hey bub, watch where yer pointin' that! All the world is waiting for me?  Um.. who am I again?